Dr HsiehYJ


Ya-Ju Hsieh,

Associate Professor

  Academic Degree

    Ph.D., Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan


    Genearl Biology

    Radiation Oncology

  Research Interests



    Molecular Imaging


    Lab:Radiation Biomedicine Laboratory (CS-619A)

    TEL: +886-7-312-1101 ext 2356-22

    E-mail:yjhsieh at kmu.edu.tw

  1. Hsieh YJ, Chen FD, Ke CC, Wang HE, Huang CJ, Hou MF, Lin KP, Gelovani JG, Liu RS, "The EIIAPA Chimeric Promoter for Tumor Specific Gene Therapy of Hepatoma", Molecular Imaging and Biology, 2011.
  2. Hsieh YJ, Liu RS, Ke CC, Chen FD, Hwu L, Wang FH, Hwang JJ, Chi CW, Lee CH, Yeh SH, "Specific activation of sodium/iodide symporter gene in hepatoma by using alpha-fetoprotein promoter combined with hepatitis B virus enhancer (EIIAPA)", Anticancer research, 29(1):211-21, 2009.
  3. Hsieh YJ, Ke CC, Wang FH, Tang KT, Chi CW, Chen FD, Huang JJ, Lee CH, Liu RS*, "Radioiodide imaging and treatment of ARO cancer xenograft in mouse model after expression of human sodium iodide symporter", Anticancer research, 27:2515-2522, 2007.
  4. Hsieh YJ, Liu RS, Hwu L, Ke CC, Wang FH, Wang HE, Chen FD, "Cre/loxP System Controlled by Specific Promoter for Radiation-mediated Gene Therapy on Hepatoma", Anticancer research, 27:1571-1580, 2007.
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