Dr Ko

Chien-Chih Ke,

Assistant Professor

  Academic Degree

    Ph.D., Institute of Clinical Medicine, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan


    Radiochemistry(Including Laboratory)

     Molecular Imaging

    Special Topics in Biomedical Molecular Imaging

     Special Topics in Radiopharmaceuticals

  Research Interests


    Radiation Oncology

    Stem Cell Biology

    Molecular Imaging


    Lab: (CS-620)

    TEL: +886-7-312-1101 ext 2356-24


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Book Chapter

  1. Ke CC, Liu RS. Chapter 32 - Lentiviral-Encoded Sodium Iodide Symporter- Mediated Cancer Gene Therapy. Gene Therapy of Cancer (Third Edition). San Diego: Academic Press; 2014: 463-78.

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